Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can you have it done by today? I can pay a rush fee. 
We make custom orders by filling up a 8" X 10" plate, once its full, then we go into production. If there is an increase in orders or larger sizes, then the plate fills up faster, thus a faster turnaround time. We DO NOT rush any orders, just contact us to check if we are doing a plate that day.

2. Do you sell inkpads?
We carry 30+ colors of $6 REGULAR 3" by 2" inkpads (washable but great for paper products), & we also have WATERPROOF inkpads (great for non-porous surfaces & paper, i.e. glass, metal, plastic, glossy paper) and FABRIC inkpads (also waterproof, great for porous materials & paper, i.e. fabric, leather, wood, ceramic), both available in
2.5" by 4" sizes ($12) & 4.25" by 7.25" sizes ($18) 
*** WE DO NOT CARRY ANY WHITE / METALLIC / EMBOSSING INK PADS, try Paper Presentation on the west side***

3. What size stamps can you make?
We can make a rubber stamp up to a 8" by 10" size, but we would advise to stay within the size of our largest inkpad (4" x 7") for easier stamping.

4. Do i need to reverse, put guide or crop marks on my designs? Can you send a mockup?
There are NO mockups! Just send the design to size as is, and you will get what you sent. Like so:

5. Can you ship the stamps?
Yes, we do ship orders, but we are a small shop, so we usually run to the post office once or twice a week to mail out orders, so it'll take some time.

6A. Is my file/image good enough?
If it's from the internet, then NO. If you can see the pixels, also NO. We need a high resolution, crisp image always to make a quality rubber stamp. If obtaining a high resolution file is out of the question, or don't have the graphic know-how, you can always bring it in so we can scan it at the optimum level.

6B. How will my design turnout as a rubber stamp?
Generally most designs sent to us turnout great, and exact to the original. However there are a few things to keep in mind when you design for a rubber stamp.
Largest inkpad size we carry is 4.25" x 7.25", it would be best to keep the design within that size for easiness and optimal printing, any larger stamps (which we can make up to 8" x 10") will require your own inkpad / inking techniques. 
Any designs that are white text or details on a black background should keep in mind that having a design where the positive area (Black) is more than the negative areas (white), requires more ink to fully cover the impression, thus causing the ink to fill in certain details of the the stamp. It is not impossible to make the stamp, just try to have the whites bolder and more spaced out.

7. Did you get my email? / Can you call me when you do? / Can you call me when the stamp is ready?
We receive too many orders/inquiries to keep track of anything. We usually write back within 1-2 days once we receive your email. And within the email response there will be an estimated completion time, just come by anytime after to pickup. Also, no need to email us that you can/cannot come that day.

8. I need a 2 inch stamp made, why is it $40?
Somehow there's always a confusion regarding square inch sizes. There is a difference between a 2 SQUARE INCH (2" x 1" or 4" x 0.5" = 2 Sq inch) & 2 INCH SQUARE (2" x 2"= 4 Sq inch). Just measure the design you are sending, and multiply the length by its width, and that is the square inch size. If you're still not sure of what the size/ price of anything is, you can just tell us what the length AND width of your design is, and we will be more than happy to give you a quote.

9.Do you offer self-inking machines?
Yes, they are between $12 - $16 extra, in addition to the cost of the stamp. Here are the sizes available + price.

10. What do your finished stamps look like?
Like this ☟ (Wood handle stamped with image on the top, rubber and foam glued on the bottom)